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"The Co.Lab"

Custom Built & Made to order

Custom Design
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The Co.Lab is a custom pong table designed to be used also as a table.  The option for 4 bench seats are available as well as the custom leather net system by St Johns Supply.  Steel base is fabricated by Crucible and design, woodwork is from Xplor Games.  

Bench System slides and fits perfectly under the table for ping pong play and slide out for when use as a table.  

Custom Leather net is removable.


Each set comes with paddles and balls.  

Available Dimensions:

Lengths: 6'-9'

Width: 36" - 5'

Height: 30-34"

Base Price (No Benches): $3,300  

  • Choose from multiple colored bases or raw steel

  • Outside finish: Add $500 

Other Options: (Not limited to these alone)

  • Bench seating

    • Longer side bench: $1,200 Each​

    • Shorter side bench: $850 Each

  • LED Ground effects

  • Customized logos

  • Base

    • 2" Square tube steel

  • Personalized paddles

  • steel or mesh nets

  • Purchase entire set with 4 benches 

    • Receive $900 discount  ​



Made In USA





The Buddy Games

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game to your needs.

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