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"The Crucible"

Custom Built & Made to order

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Custom Design
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This Skeeball design features steel cage and trim designed and fabricated by Crucible.  Wood is recycled wall boards and comes with wood balls for play.


Measures 30" Wide x 12' Long

Set will be featured at Dry Hills Distillery to play and is for sale at a discounted price.

Contact for more information.  

More Photos soon.  


Available Dimensions:

Lengths: 10' - 13' 

Width: 30-32"

Height: 76" 

Base Price: $9,750

Other Options: (Not limited to these alone)

  • LED light effects

  • Customized Logos

  • Scoring

    • Electronic​

    • Chalk board

  • Steel cage

  • Steel cage with chicken netting

  • Steel cage with wire mesh

  • Steel cage with netting



Made In USA





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