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"The Pedestal"

Furniture can be custom ordered to any size. 

Custom Built & Made to order

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Contemporary design with reclaimed Alaskan fir top, brushed steel and mortise and tenon joints.  The steel structure proudly displays a "pass through" mortise and tenon joint.  Mortise and Tenon joints are traditionally applied in wood beam construction for strength, we have incorporated the technique here for the aesthetic beauty.

Sold as set or can be purchased individually.  

Coffee Table: 60" Long X 30" Wide X 16" H   

End Tables: 20" Long X 15" Wide X 20" X 24" H

Bench: 48" long X 15" Wide X 18" H    

"Pedestal" Furniture Collection
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Handcrafted and made in Montana:

Lifetime Warranty (READ MORE)


Coffee Table: $4,495

End Table: $1,195 each

Bench: $2,295

Full Set: $8,500

Full set includes coffee table, 2 end tables, and bench.  



Made In USA






We specialize in customizing any

product  to your needs.

Contact us to find out how to get your own custom set.

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