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Furniture can be custom ordered to any size. 

Custom Built & Made to order

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Modern aesthetic with a rustic approach.  Crucible was recruited to help make this project a reality.  Our client, a local photographer in Bozeman MT was remodeling her office.  She had been toying with this design for some time and had finally come to a decision to get the project underway.  The initial "model" was a folded piece of paper, very close to the shape you see now.  The overall concept was to have a continuous surface from floor to shelf and have the effect that it was floating.  After discussing her specific work flow needs, we designed custom drawers for the keyboard and graphic tablet.  Along with shelves for two drobo storage devices, and a space for knick knacks.  Our client handpicked the wood with the help of one of our suppliers.  We then began the process of dissecting the angles and construction of the frame.  This project is one of three components for her remodel, which also include sliding barn doors and a bed frame. 

Custom Design
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Handcrafted and made in Montana:

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We specialize in customizing any

product  to your needs.

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