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Furniture can be custom ordered to any size. 

Custom Built & Made to order

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We designed this conference table for a law firm in Polson Montana.  Our client had salvaged the three inch thick maple wood butchers block and wanted to use it specifically for this project.  Crucible was given the pleasure of designing a base for this piece, incorporating the massive three foot wide, ten foot long wood top.  We wanted this piece to really make an impression when you walked into the room.  Our design team took an Art Deco approach with strong, clean lines giving the table an elegant yet strong appeal.  We used 5"x 5" steel tube to give the base an industrial look and balance the size of the wood top.  We then took to the task of sanding down and refinishing the wood, while being careful to leave the character of years of use.  The final touch was the half inch thick steel frame that trims the bottom of the butchers block.  This component ties the piece together aeshetically and sharpens the base line of the wood.

Contemporary design with reclaimed butcher block top,  steel and fabricated joints. Epoxy finish for durability.  This table will last you a life time.  

The V design can be incorporated into any size table along with the base for any game of your choice.  

Message us for custom prices.

Custom Design
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Handcrafted and made in Montana:

Lifetime Warranty (READ MORE)

Pricing: $6,300



Made In USA






We specialize in customizing any

product  to your needs.

Contact us to find out how to get your own custom set.

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