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"The Stone"

Custom Built & Made to order

Ping Pong Table set
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Set pictured was designed using recycled materials as the top playing surface and a black pipe connection as the base.  This game was part of a series that all matched for a clients home. The two side benches are designed to slide under the table while in play and can slide out to be used as a table.


Set comes with removable mesh net which can be removed to use as table.

Optional Benches.  

Each set comes with paddles and balls. 

Available Dimensions:

Lengths: 6'-9'

Width: 36" - 5'

Height: 30-34"

Base Price (No Benches: $2,400

Price with two benches:  $3,900

Outside Finish: $500

Other Options: (Not limited to these alone)

  • LED Ground effects

  • Bench seating

  • Customized logos

  • Base

    • steel, many design options

    • timber 

    • cedar/juniper

    • recycled barn wood

    • steel/wood mix

    • black pipe

  • Personalized paddles

  • steel, leather or mesh nets



Made In USA





The Buddy Games

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game to your needs.

Contact us to find out how to get your own custom set.

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