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Custom Built & Made to order

wood scoring.png
Price: $150
Nuts-Bolts Score.jpg
Price: $190
darrin score.jpg
Price: $350
2018-09-18 17.24.50-2.jpg
Price: $430
5 Led lighting.jpg
Price: $975

Common Wood Scoring:

  • This scoring set is the most common among game sets.  

  • Common Wood: $150

Nuts and Bolts ​(Rusted or none rusted)

  • This scoring set uses nuts and bolts.  You can choose between rusted and non rusted.

  • Nuts & Bolts (No Rust): $190

  • Nuts & Bolts (Rusted): $240

Fabricated Steel (Bearings)

  • This scoring set uses bearings and fabricated steel.  

  • Featuring Curved or straight

  • Fabricated Steel (bearings): $350

Fabricated Steel (Hammered)

  • This scoring set uses hammered steel components.  

  • Choose from many patina and colors.

  • Fabricated Steel (hammered): $430

Electronic LED (1 or 2 sided)

  • This scoring set features LED electronics

  • Add your custom logo as the scoreboard.

  • Add custom wording to the scrolling  

  • 100% customizable for your needs.  

  • Electronic (1 sided): $975

  • Electronic (2 sided): $1,490



Made In USA





The Buddy Games

We specialize in customizing any

game to your needs.

Contact us to find out how to get your own custom set.

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