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"Modern Viking"

Who doesn't want to throw some axes around?

Custom Built & Made to order


The Modern Viking axe throwing is the next level of tossing some axes around.  This set comes with interchangeable wood components.  You are able to interchange the wood from front to back when certain areas become destroyed from the axes to be able to continue usage getting two uses rather than just one.  


After time the wood becomes destroyed from throwing many axes and unusable.  By being able to change the wood from front to back you get two uses of the wood rather then one.  You also can purchase in years to come, extra wood pieces to change out when needed.  


We will also have extra handles and blades for sale on Xplor games soon.  

Axe Throwing | Modern Viking
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Handcrafted and made in Montana:

Lifetime Warranty (READ MORE)

Available Dimensions:

32" X 32" Wide 



All Modern Viking axe sets some with:

- 1 main square target set

   - interchangeable wood front and back

   - hand painted

- 3 side axe holder

- 3 hatchet blades

- 3 hand painted hatchet handles

- 3 non-painted practice handles 

Shipping not included

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