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"RTP" shuffleboards

shuffleboards, bozeman, montana, ready to play, games

Introducing our Ready-to-Play (RTP) shuffleboards, a bold blend of natural Chatsubu, Our house made shou sugi ban, and modern design. Crafted for both enthusiasts and casual players, this shuffleboard effortlessly combines the warmth of deeply figured Chatsub with sleek steel accents, creating a visually appealing and ready-to-enjoy gaming experience.

12' Starting price: $8,000

Contact for more info.

shuffleboards, bozeman, montana, ready to play, games

The playing surface of the shuffleboard is engineered to not require the adjustment of a traditional shuffleboard, making it an easy addition to any space.

Steel accents adorn the corners of the shuffleboard, adding a contemporary touch that enhances both aesthetics and durability. The clean lines and minimalist design , create a contrast that appeals to modern sensibilities.

Gather friends and family for hours of enjoyment as you glide the pucks effortlessly across the smooth surface, appreciating the perfect blend of natural materials and contemporary design in this sleek and inviting shuffleboard.


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