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"Tavern" skee ball

tavern, skee ball, mountains, bozeman, montana, custom games

The "Tavern" skee ball design showcases an exceptional combination of meticulously crafted components. The steel cage and trim, expertly designed and fabricated, serve as a prominent and robust framework for the game. The cage not only adds a distinct industrial flair but also ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for hours of play.

As for the wood elements, the game features recycled wall boards, breathing new life into repurposed materials. This sustainable choice not only contributes to an eco-friendly aspect of the design but also introduces a rustic charm to the overall aesthetic. The wood balls included with the game are custom-made for a seamless playing experience, adhering to the highest standards of game regulations.

tavern, skee ball, mountains, bozeman, montana, custom games

The dimensions of this skee ball set are thoughtfully configured, measuring 30 inches in width and spanning an impressive 12 feet in length. This size strikes a perfect balance, providing ample room for competitive play while still remaining manageable and suitable for a variety of spaces.

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Custom game pricing starts at: $9,300


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