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"Trot" ping pong

 richlite ping pong, table, bozeman, montana

The "Trot" ping pong set is named after the original restaurant it inhabited It is a stylish and commercial capable game. The base is made out of powder coated tube steel and can be customized to fit your spaces color and theme. Unlike traditional ping pong tables, this model does not fold which means which means, without the net it can be used as a large dining table.

 richlite ping pong, table, bozeman, montana, the market

The top of this set is made from a product called Richlite, which can come in multiple color options. As well as the steel powder coated base, which can be colored in any tone you choose.

Starting Price: $4,200

- shipping not included

richlite, ping pong, table, bozeman, montana

Comes with:

- paddles and balls for play

- net


- 4-5' Wide

- 8-9' Long

- 30-34" Tall


- Benches: $750 each

- Steel Net: $800

- Leather Net: $650

- Customized Logo: $350

- Personalized Paddles: Contact


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