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548 million tons of construction and demolition debris were generated in the United States in 2015—more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste. Among the materials are concrete, wood, metals, and salvaged building components.


These are precisely the materials that we reuse and repurpose, saving them from landfills and reducing waste. We are committed to doing our part to lessen the impact of waste on the environment. Through the salvaging of these high quality materials, combined with the proper knowledge and skills required to repurpose them, we produce beautiful products that will last a lifetime. Our products include game sets, mini bars, furniture, and will evolve in include much more in our future.


We personally have torn down many structures over the years that would have otherwise added to the above waste statistics. We find creative solutions to bring these materials back to life and out of landfills. We strive to collaborate with people who share this same commitment of sustainability. Each product is designed and manufactured in collaboration between Xplor Games, Crucible  and Mag Design.

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