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Ping Pong | Xplor Games

Customizable games such as Ping Pong Tablesblend aesthetic appeal with function. History is brought back to life through each piece of hand-selected wood. The recycled wood is refined and repurposed, yet still contain a little of its original mystery. The end result is a one-of-a-kind centerpiece in your home or business. ​

The sets on this site were all built for clients and lease deals with different business’s. We use 3D drafting software to work with you and the design you are going for. Once we come to an agreement on the design, we start your build. ​

We have worked with many clients in this manor, creating one of a kind products to fit the design of their home and business’s. ​ From wood to steel, logos and brands, we like a challenge and take pride in our designs.

Set pictured was designed using recycled materials as the top playing surface and a black pipe connection as the base. This game was part of a series that all matched for a clients home. The two side benches are designed to slide under the table while in play and can slide out to be used as a table. ​

Net is removable to use as table. This set was designed smaller at 4’ wide x 8’ long to fit in the area the client requested. ​ Each set comes with paddles and balls.

Designed and built by Xplor Games

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