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Skeeball | Xplor Games

This skeeball design was designed and built by Xplor Games and uses rusted galvanized metal, recycled wood that is planed down and heavy-duty black pipe with chicken wire as the netting to catch balls. The Stone is a bold combination of textures and materials that is rustic yet modern.

Each set comes with a custom wood balls built to game regulations.

Set pictured was a custom order for a client to match their home. Built in two sections that connect together for easy transportation. Designed smaller at 30” wide X 12’ long to fit in the area the client requested and to match the length of another game set in home.

A handcrafted skeeball set: Where art and function collide.

Customizable games blend aesthetic appeal with function. History is brought back to life through each piece of hand-selected wood. The salvaged wood is refined and repurposed, yet still contain a little of its original mystery. The end result is a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

Stylish & Sleek, Edgy and Fun. We handcraft each piece in Bozeman, MT so no two sets will ever be the same.

Each product is designed and manufactured in collaboration between Xplor Games, Crucible and Mag Design.

Completely customize your game to fit your home or business.

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