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"The Harthold" Shuffleboard | Xplor Games

Wood and steel together is a popular aesthetic, and for good reason. The versatility of this material combination makes it a good fit for almost any space, whether commercial or in the home. Such versatility is evident in the Harthold, a shuffleboard that stands in a class of its own.

The curved metal base of the "Harthold" shuffleboard provides continuity to the rectangular

wood playing surface. Part of the genius in the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright was his strong use of horizontal lines, which are associated with a feeling of quiet and rest. Borrowing from the master himself, The Harthold boldly uses horizontal lines from the shape of the wood box, to the lines of wood on the playing surface. Soft, shallow curves are associated with comfort, familiality, and relaxation. Although the soft curves of the base visually offset the horizontal lines of the box, the combined effect is the sense of relaxation. Not only does The Harthold provide visual relaxation, its direct function as a shuffleboard game is also fun and relaxing as well.

Set pictured measures 12’ long x 32” wide and has a 10’ 9” playing surface. You can fully customize the design and size of any of our game sets to fit your own design. All our shuffleboard designs can be built in a mini edition at 64”. Our mini versions fit in almost any space if you do not have the room for a full sized game set.

Our playing surfaces are uniquely built using recycled wood and are to game regulations, using adjusters and curvature to each shuffleboard playing surface.

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