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"The Indikoi" Shuffleboard | Xplor Games

"The Indikoi" shuffleboard by Xplor Games.

Set pictured is the mini version at 64" in length. All our shuffleboards can be built from this length up to 22' long at regulation size.

Mini in size, but big on style. The Indikoi contrasts natural repurposed wood with bright, poppy paint colors. Unique shades of blues, greens, greys, and white are painted on the box and legs of the table, allowing the weathering to show through. The Indikoi is the first set in the Artist Series of Games.

  • Paint from Wise Owl,

  • Co.Lab with Indikoi and Crucible design

  • Custom Light kit and Steel base

  • Choose from adjustable steel base or fixed wood base

  • Adjustable base folds under table and is lightweight for easy transport

  • Each playing surface is 10” wide x 1-1.5” thick, with your choice of 4-6’ in length.

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