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Grand Opening, THANK YOU

Wow, Thursday night was an amazing time with some great people. THANK you all for coming to the launch party for Xplor Games, a new division of Crucible. We are blown away by the support from everyone and the stoke that came from our launch party. Over 200 people came. :)

We could not have done this without the amazing support and help from everyone involved and are blessed to have you all in our lives.

If you missed the Grand Opening, we will be having a few more parties this upcoming summer for outside game play and BBQ's like the other nights event.

Re-cap video created by the talented Lo Hunter.

We had over 200 people show up for our event to see what we have been up to the last 6 months preparing a new shop and much more. Catering was done by our great friends at Deans Zesty Booch, Mountains Walking and The Planted Kitchen.


Mag Designs and Innovations brought over a ton of awesome products to showcase and for prize give aways like that amazing wood globe with MT cut out.

Brian with St. Johns Supply came over from livingston to help with the event and had some amazing prizes to give away with his leather coasters. He also brought over his axe throwing game we will know be selling on

He also was the one who built the awesome new Leather net system for our new ping pong design built by Crucible Design and Xplor Games.


Our most recent game build was this custom ping pong table built in co.lab with St Johns Supply who created the amazing removable leather net, steal base build by Crucible and wood design and build by Xplor Games.

Greater Impact came and set up a table to show what they have been up to in the local community helping people. We very much respect the team at GII and support them 100%


Cody Brown went around town and took some amazing photos of the recent Tanglewood and Foxtrot in the new Market Place next to sidewinders that the our team at Crucible Design just finished up.

He also jumped over to Sidewinders Grill and took some awesome shots of our Harthold Shuffleboard Crucible and Xplor built in Co.Lab.

We gave away more than 30 door prizes such as mini games, leather coasters, hats, tumblers. It was so fun to see the stoke on everyones faces especially the kids when winning little mini shuffleboards.

Even had a special appearance from our buddies Will Stelter and Alex Steele who are some very talented blade smiths. Check out their work as they have some great videos.


We are excited to be in the same building as the Bozeman Makerspace community and thankful for our friends at Salient Tech for everything they have helped with to make this shop space a reality.


everyone for your help and support. We are blessed to be in such an amazing community. Stoked for the Future

Xplor Games and Crucible Team

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