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Game build for Josh Duhamel

In July 2018 we drove out to California to deliver a custom built shuffleboard to Josh Duhamel. JD is ‘just some dude’ who also happens to be a Hollywood actor. The shuffleboard that we built for him aimed to fit seamlessly into his new home in California’s Hollywood Hills. After delivering and installing the game Josh told us, “This is the greatest shuffleboard I’ve ever seen. It has far exceeded my expectations.”

The first step in the custom design process is to understand our clients vision for their game. With Josh, we began this process through email. He sent us over photos of his new home, and his ideas for colors and styles. From there, we made a few drawings and nailed it.

The shared North Dakota roots between JD and Xplor add another layer of depth to this shuffleboard. The materials used came from an old chicken barn that was part of our family for many years. These materials were repurposed into a modern piece of art that is both fun and also adds sentiment.

Our Co.Lab partners at Crucible fabricated the steel base and light post featured on the shuffleboard.

Together the team built a piece that combines refurbished wood and steel materials. We take pride in the hand-picked materials that are used, for the ultimate goal of high function, high style, and quality that will withstand a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

As timing would have it, as we were in the process of building the shuffleboard for JD he was directing his first movie, “The Buddy Games.” We worked together with JD to theme the shuffleboard around his movie. So it made sense to engrave “The Buddy Games” logo onto the top of the game set. We hand carved and painted “Buddy Games”, King of Balls to pair with his movie to be released this year.

Seeing Josh’s face light up when we unveiled the game set was super rewarding. We were stoked to showcase this one of a kind shuffleboard, and he was stoked to have it. For the rest of his life Josh can play his shuffleboard and be reminded of the fun, and hard work of directing his first movie.

We made josh a big order of hats, sunglasses, tap handle and custom puck kit all based around his movie "The Buddy Games". He loved them, and to see him rocking our hats and gear all over the world is super fun to see. We take the remaining scrap material and produce small marketing products. We laser cut them into any logo you choose and add them to high quality hats and gear.

While working through the design + build of this custom shuffleboard set for JD, we built a friendship that was not expected. We drove the shuffleboard out to California and installed it in his home. We spent the 4th of July hanging out, playing games and talking life. It was fun to hear his stories about how he made it in Hollywood and humbling to have him be so stoked on what we are doing with Xplor Games and Crucible. We are grateful to have made a lasting friendship and look forward to the future for all of us.

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