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Shuffleboard "The McKenzie" | Xplor Games

The original McKenzie shuffleboard was designed and built by Xplor Games and is an exquisitely balanced combination of authentic recycled wood with a steel base. The galvanized panelling contrasts with the sleek main box constructed from darker barn wood. The barn wood is sanded down instead of milled for a smooth finish. The game is seated on a black pipe base that has been sanded, primed, and painted. Industrial style lights supported by a single black pipe lends a modern feel to the piece.

The soft natural look of barnwood is balanced with the strength of steel, evoking synergy and craftsmanship in this bold game-set.

The set pictured is 12’ long X 32” wide and has a 10’9” playing surface. You can fully customize the size of any of our game sets to fit your personal needs.

All playing surfaces have built in adjusters on the bottom of the game to stop the set from twisting or bowing.

A handcrafted shuffleboard: Where art and function collide.

Customizable games blend aesthetic appeal with function. History is brought back to life through each piece of hand-selected wood. The salvaged wood is refined and repurposed, yet still contain a little of its original mystery. The end result is a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

Stylish & Sleek, Edgy and Fun. We handcraft each piece in Bozeman, MT so no two sets will ever be the same.

Each product is designed and manufactured in collaboration between Xplor Games, Crucible and Mag Design.

Each playing surface is 20” wide x 2.5” thick, with your choice of 9’-22’ in length. Playing surface is built with recycled materials unless customized. Two finish coats of epoxy and climate adjusters added to the bottom. Each set comes with a custom wood puck set built to game regulations.

Completely customize your game to fit your home or business.


The options to customize your game are limitless.

  • nuts + bolts scoring

  • fabricated metal scoring

  • electronic scoring

  • overhanging wireless LED lighting

  • LED ground effects

  • customized logo for home or business

  • removable wood cover

  • wholesale and large order pricing options

  • maple playing surface

  • live slab playing surface

  • thinner playing surface (lowers price points)

  • fabricated metal base

  • timber base

  • cedar/juniper base

  • barn wood base

  • wood/steel base mix

  • black pipe base

  • personalized logos

  • personalized pucks

  • wood top table cover

  • wood top table cover with undermount shelving

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