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Shuffleboard "The Pennington" | Xplor Games

A handcrafted shuffleboard: Where art and function collide.

The classic style of The Pennington shuffleboard combines simplicity and luxury. The wood from old barns and corrals has been expertly crafted and repurposed in this piece. The shuffleboard is rich with history, inherently built in to each piece from its origins on The Pennington Ranch in North Dakota.

The story of the Pennington began when our client requested a game built from wood reclaimed from their Ranch. We tore down the old barn and corrals and hand-selected pieces of wood from the recycled materials. The ghosts of these old barns were brought back to life as we set about the building process. The bridge beams were cut down to size and mitered together. The main box was built from full length barn boards. The top cover was built from red-painted barnwood. Part of the customization of the piece included sizing it down to 10’ to fit the clients space. Ultimately, The Pennington came together to perfectly fit the client's wishes, serving as an exquisite centerpiece in their home and also providing them with many years of fun and relaxation for family and friends to enjoy.

You can fully customize the size of any of our game sets to fit your personal needs or business design. All playing surfaces have built in adjusters on the bottom of the game to stop the set from twisting or bowing.


The options to customize your game are limitless.

  • nuts + bolts scoring

  • fabricated metal scoring

  • electronic scoring

  • overhanging wireless LED lighting

  • LED ground effects

  • customized logo for home or business

  • removable wood cover

  • wholesale and large order pricing options

  • maple playing surface

  • live slab playing surface

  • thinner playing surface (lowers price points)

  • fabricated metal base

  • timber base

  • cedar/juniper base

  • barn wood base

  • wood/steel base mix

  • black pipe base

  • personalized logos

  • personalized pucks

  • wood top table cover

  • wood top table cover with undermount shelving

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