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33 by Ranges releases December 12th, 2023 by A Thousand Arms Music.

chess, ultimate collection, ranges, bronse, waterhorse

The Ultimate Collector's Edition of '33' featuring the ‘Mountain Ranges’ chess set.

This lavishly ornate chess board and complimentary storage box were created by Gavin Lommatsch of 42 Pursuit. The board features topographical mountain ranges machined out of solid walnut by a high-precision CNC router.

These mountains frame the game board which is comprised of alternating squares of walnut and maple with a subtle border of African blackwood. Other ornamentation includes laser-engraved filigree and V-carved symbols on all facing sides, as well as aluminum inlays of the Ranges logo on the surface of the board to indicate player position. An intricate engraving on the bottom commemorates the edition number (1/1).

chess, ultimate collection, ranges, waterhorse, 42 pursuit

The exquisite pieces which adorn the board were masterfully hand-sculpted by Elaine Hansard of Waterhorse Bronze and cast into bronze using the highly labor-intensive lost-wax process, passing through many complex stages from start to finish.

chess, ultimate collection, ranges, waterhorse, 42 pursuit

The light faction embodies an angular, aggressive attitude while the dark faction takes on a more organic, flowing aesthetic, paralleling the masculine and feminine dynamics inherent in the album concept. The captivating sheen of polished bronze and the satisfyingly heavy weight of the pieces in hand make this set truly something remarkable and unlike any other in the world. All pieces are individually engraved on the bottom with the edition number (1/1).

chess, ultimate collection, ranges, waterhorse, 42 pursuit

The walnut storage box for the full set of bronze pieces is the perfect compliment to this collection, featuring recessed compartments sized to each individual piece and finished with luxurious black flocking. Maple splines add a touch of contrast to the side panels which have been grain-matched on all four corners.

chess, ultimate collection, ranges, waterhorse, 42 pursuit

The lid of the box is engraved with a symbolic design reinforcing the king and queen motif and features hidden brass barrel-hinges which completely conceal the mechanisms when closed.

The album come on a limited-edition double vinyl pressing with Disc 1 on 180g Solid Black vinyl and Disc 2 on 180g Solid White vinyl. Packaged in an upgraded heavy cardstock gatefold jacket with a matte scratch-resistant finish featuring silver metallic foil embellishments on the front and back covers. Printed inner-sleeves. Download code included.

The vinyl double LP comes enclosed in a hand-crafted, walnut stained, and custom-printed wooden slipcase built and printed in-house by A Thousand Arms. 

'33' is also presented on double CD and double cassette. The double CD contains a Black 'Chaos' disc with silver artwork and a silver 'Order' disc with black artwork. Packaged in an 8-panel digipak. The double cassette come with a 'Chaos' cassette with black shell and 'Order' cassette with white shell housed in a dual jewel case. Includes fold-out J-Card with expanded artwork.

Additionally, the Deluxe Edition includes Ranges' Order & Chaos Coffee roasted by Beacon Coffee Roasters in Bozeman, Montana. This dual offering consists of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans paired as a light roast variant and a dark roast variant packaged in custom-printed cardboard tubes.

Finally, the Deluxe Edition of '33' includes the 'Figure 33' shirt hand-printed on Black Heather Canvas 3413 Triblend shirts.

The Ultimate Collector's Edition Contents Summary

  • 'Mountain Ranges' Chessboard with Solid Bronze Chess Pieces- Walnut Storage Box for Chess Pieces

  • '33' on Exclusive Limited-Edition 180g 2xLP 'Black & White Edition' Vinyl- Hand-Crafted & Custom-Printed Slipcase

  • '33' on Double CD & Double Cassette

  • Order & Chaos Coffee- Hand-Printed 'Figure 33' Shirt- Digital Download Code

  • Stickers

  • Hand-Printed Deluxe Packaging

This ultimate collector’s edition is an entirely unique and one-of-a-kind creation which will never be reproduced.


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