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Xplor Games offers a wide range of ready-to-play production games, including shuffleboards, pool tables, skeeball, Ping Pong and more.  These games are build in our production facility and are built with a strong focus on high-quility craftsmanship while maintaining affordable price points.  This means you can enjoy all the fun and functionality of these classic games without breaking your bank account.  Choose from the simple options below to craft your own set today.  All games are not limited to the below and all finishes are available on any of our game sets such as skeeball, pool, ping pong and much more. 


When choosing the cabinet lenght of your new shuffleboard there are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Space: Measure the area your are considering a table. Ensure there is enough space to accommodate the shuffleboard without feeling cramped or obstructing other furniture, pathways or walls.  We like to recommend a minimum of 2.5' on both ends of the shuffleboard for standing room.  EXAMPLE:  a 12' shuffleboard should have 17' of space total in lenght. ​​

  2. Game Experience:  The lenght of a shuffleboard directly affects the game experience of play.  Longer shuffleboards offer more challenging and competitive play, as there is a greater distance for pucks to travel.  Shorter tables are generally for beginners and casual play. 

  3. Skill Level:  Consider the skill level of the people who will be playing and using the shuffleboard.  Longer tables require more skill and precision, so if your introducing new players to the game, a shorter table may be suitable. 

  4. Budget:  The longer the shuffleboard, the more expensive they tend to cost as it takes more time and materials to build these games.  Make sure to choose the shuffleboard length that fits your budget.  

  5. Aesthetics:  The size of the shuffleboard as well as the finishing touches will impact the look and feel of your home space.  Ensure to choose the proper finishes and lengths for your decor.  Contact Xplor Games team for any questions or concerns.  Custom options are available for an additional cost. 

Ultimately, the best shuffleboard length and finish depends upon your preferences and requirements.  Consider the space, skill levels and budget to make a informed decision that will provide you, your family and friends the most enjoyable experience.  Xplor team is always here to answer any questions you have.  

6K stills.00_01_28_08.Still027.jpg

Choosing your cabinet finish will greatly impact the aethetics and overall feel of your room or business. Below are some items to take into consideration with helping you choose your perfect set.  

  1. Wood Type: With our ready-to-play sets, we have limited the types of wood and materials to keep the cost down with these games.  

    1. Oak: with oak it is a very strong and versatile wood with quite a few options for finish.​

    2. Chatsubu: or shou sugi ban has a unique characteristic and grain pattern giving you a modern but rustic feel. 

    3. With either wood above you have options of color, finishes and even an inlay(for additional price).

  2. Maintenance:  With either of the wood types we use on our ready-to-play game sets, maintenance is very minimal.  Our games are built with high quality finishes that will hold up even in a high traffic area such as restaurant's or breweries.  Read about our testimonials for more as we have many games in high traffic areas that are both custom and ready-to-play. 

  3. Lighting:  Keep in mind that the lighting in your space will affect the appearance of games or furniture finishes.  Consider the materials and finished colors under lighting conditions, including natural and artificial lighting.

  4. Style + Theme:  consider your personal or business style you would like to achieve in your game room.  Some finishes may align better with specific themes or styles.  Example:  A darker finish can provide a more classic and elegant look, while lighter tones may offer more casual and contemporary feel. 

COLOR FINISH_edited.jpg

When selecting your final finished color tones, it is important to balance aesthetics, practicality, and your personal or business preference.  Take your time to explore some of our options, stop by our shop or order some samples from our team to visualize how your game set will fit in your rooms design.  Colors are NOT limited to the colors above, talk to an Xplor representative to hear more options.  

finish lower res.jpg

Choosing your gutter material on your new shuffleboard is an important decision, as it 

Here is a brief overview of materials to choose from: 

  1. Bison Leather (Black):  Bison Leather provides a premium and luxurious look and feel.  It is known for its durability and can last a very long time with proper care.  This leather offers a smooth and consistent surface. 

  2. Leather (Brown): often made from high-quality cowhide, this option offers a similar upscale look and smooth surface as bison leather.  It is durable and a great choice for those looking for a classic and elegant appearance.  Like Bison Leather, these gutters to require minimal maintenance to ensure longevity.  

  3. Cork:  cork gutters are more traditional choice. it provides a softer surface for the pucks to hit, reducing bounce and noise.  Cork is easy to maintain and can be a good option for casual players, businesses to reduce noise and home game rooms. 

  4. Carpet:  carpet gutters offer a soft landing for the pucks and also can help reduce noise.  It is low-maintenance are are commonly found in recreational or less formal shuffleboards. 

All gutter options are good options, really it comes down to two things such as noise reduction and aesthetics you desire.  Below is a shuffleboard with cork gutters. 

6K stills.00_02_18_02.Still043.jpg
base options.jpg

When choosing a shuffleboard base, there are a few factors to take in.  Generally steel is a much more expensive choice but with our ready-to-play design has made this choice easy as the prices are literally the same. Below is a breakdown to help your decision: 

  1. Aesthetics:  Your base material will impact the overall look of your shuffleboard.  Wood bases provide more color options and keep a warm, clasic appearance.  Steel bases offer a more modern and industrial look.  Our steel bases come with a natural steel finish.  Color options are available on the steel bases for an additional price. 

  2. Maintenance:  Wood bases may require more maintenance as steel bases are much easier to keep clean and dust free.  Both are very minimal with maintenance. 

Your decision to choose a wood or steel base should be based on your priorities, including mostly aesthetics.  The choice should align with your personal or business needs.  Below are a few sets we have built showing the difference between wood, steel, U base or leg base.  

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