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Matt + Jos wedding rental

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Matt + Jos wedding rental.

We are very thankful that Matt and Jos chose to have the Xplor rental fleet at there Wedding. Their event was brought to life by the entire fleet of games which includes 2 stunning shuffleboard tables, 2 ping pong tables, and 2 corn hole sets. Here's what the they had to say about the experience of working with us to elevate their event.

This event was hosted by Hardscrabble Ranch.

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"We are not dancers and through the wedding planning process we were bombarded by request for dancing at our wedding. We did not want to go down that road but we needed to give our guest something to do. Thats why we were so thankful to find Xplor, their fleet of games kept everyone entertained. We heard feedback from many of our guest that they were amazed at how many genuine conversations they were able to have due to the social playing of games, and not having to compete with a dance party. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to create some real lasting memories at there event."

-The Hartwigs

hardscrabble ranch, bozeman, montana, rentals, wedding rental, game rental, party rentals, xplor games

With Xplor we are committed to creating more and more phenomenal experiences through our truly one of a kind rental fleet. If you are interested in having us at your event here is some general info about our rental program.

This event was hosted by Hardscrabble Ranch.

Shuffleboard: If you are looking for a game that is competitive and casual as well as easy to play for any age group; look no further. We have 2 shuffleboard table in our rental fleet and each one takes up roughly 16’ by 3’ (that includes space for people to move around the game). The shuffleboard tables require a somewhat level ground to ensure proper play. We can account for minor terrain changes but not everything. INcluded with the rental are the rules of proper play, a set of pucks, salt, and brush.

Ping Pong: We have two ping pong tables in our fleet and they have a tendency of igniting friendly competition like no other. Our tables require level ground with space enough to fit a 5’ by 9’ foot table as well as additional room for the most competitive players to thrive. We don't need anyone blaming the conditions for their defeat… Included with the rental is 4 paddles and 8 balls per table.

Corn Hole: Our Corn hole games are a great option for getting a bunch of your guests involved. We have 4 sets in our fleet and they require anywhere from 18’ to 27’ in between the boards. The games come with a complete set of bags for proper play.

Yard game assortment: Games that everyone knows and plays. Included are Giant Jenga, Kubb, Connect 4, yardzee, ladderball, kanjam, washers, Polish Horseshoes and much more.

Mini Bar: The one thing that a game setup needs is a proper watering hole, to keep the competition lively and hydrated. The minibars are 4’ to 6’ in length and 30 in wide. Room for storage of materials is built into the back/base of the bar.

The Hall: The entire game array can be enclosed in our custom 20 buy 40 tent. Please note that an additional setup charge will be added.

Upgrades: All this sounds amazing , but what if you want to add a custom touch to the games at your event. We do offer custom logos on some of our games to further personalize your event. Please reach out for pricing.

Delivery: Delivery and setup is included within 30 miles of our shop. Please inquire for a quote on expanded deliv

ery or difficult setup locations.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our incredible games and we look forward to creating an epic event for you. Please inquire if you have

any questions.


  • Skeeball

  • Pool

  • Poker

  • Carpet Ball

-The Xplor Games Team


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