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"Ace" poker table

Introducing "The Ace" poker table, where the Vegas strip meets the sophisticated mountain home. This unique table takes your poker nights to a whole new level with a base that's a true showstopper—a giant playing card.

The base of "The Ace" is expertly crafted , adding a touch of luck to your gaming space.

The tabletop itself is a luxurious playing surface, providing the perfect canvas for intense card games. The rich, bison leather surface enhances card movement and adds a tactile element to every deal and shuffle. Surrounding the table is a sleek and sturdy rail, ensuring that every hand is played with comfort and style.

"The Ace" Poker Table is more than just a gaming accessory; it's an invitation to play. Gather your friends, deal the cards, and experience the thrill of poker in a setting that mirrors the landscape of the game itself.

We have a few conceptual designs for this poker set. view the designs below.


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