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"Picasso" mini bar

The Picasso was designed using recycled materials. Sanded smooth and finish coated 3 times. All mini bars come with rolling castor wheels under mounted for easy moving. Open back shelving for extra storage is added to each set with many additional options for your personal or business needs.

All mini bars can be 100% customized to fit your personal or business needs and designs.


  • Castor wheels for easy moving

  • Rolling mini door

  • Raised countertop

  • Side Racks

  • Inside + Outside usage

  • Food grade finish

Available Dimensions:

Lengths: 4'-6'

Width: 24'-36"

Height: 30-34"

Price: $3,860

Other Options: (Not limited to these alone)

  • Rolling Mini Doors

  • Cabinet doors

  • Open Shelving

  • Cabinet style drawers

  • Raised Countertops

  • Side racks

  • Front foot rest

  • Wine Rack/s

  • LED lighting

  • Steel components

  • Countertops


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