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"Stone" skee ball

skee ball, classic games, bozeman, montana, rentals

The "Stone" skee ball design artfully incorporates rusted metal, recycled wood expertly planed for a polished appearance, and robust black pipe elements, with chicken wire serving as the netting to capture the balls. It emerges as a striking embodiment of contrasting textures and materials, seamlessly blending rustic charm with a contemporary edge.

Each set is thoughtfully equipped with custom wooden balls that adhere to game regulations, ensuring an authentic and engaging playing experience.

skee ball, classic games, bozeman, montana, rentals

The showcased set represents a bespoke creation tailored to a client's specific home environment. It has been thoughtfully designed in two sections that effortlessly connect for straightforward transportation. Its dimensions, measuring 30 inches in width and 12 feet in length, were carefully tailored to align with the client's space requirements and to complement the length of another game set within their home.


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